Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Halibut Harvesters See Higher Prices

Halibut fresh from the opener that began March 19 in Alaska were fetching prices ranging from $6.25 to $6.75 a pound in Southeast Alaska this week, a little better than prices that also were pretty strong at the start of last year’s opener.

And black cod prices were also reportedly super strong, pushing up to $8 a pound for the big fish.
And in the Sitka area, there were more people heading out for the halibut opener, because the winter king troll season closed over a week ago, said Linda Behnken, executive director of the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association.

Still, processors were anticipating a total of 400,000 pounds of halibut to be landed by March 23, and once halibut saturate the fresh market, that drops the price a bit, Behnken said.

For those with a passion for the world’s premium white fish, there are plenty of places to buy online.
At Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle fresh halibut fillets this week are $29.99 a pound, fresh halibut steaks, $28.99 a pound, and whole halibut, $19.99 a pound.

FishEx in Anchorage is advertising their fresh halibut fillets for $32.21 a pound. Island Seafoods at Kodiak has Alaskan Kodiak halibut at $24.95 a pound, plus smoked halibut for $32.95 a pound, and halibut cheeks for $26.95 a pound., and the Seattle Fish Company has halibut fillets for $24.99 a pound

Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker in Seward, Alaska, has halibut cheeks for $23.99 a pound, halibut fillets for $28.99 a pound, and ground halibut meat for $22.99 a pound, plus other package deals depending on the number of pounds purchased.

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