Wednesday, November 3, 2010

West Coast Trawlers Prepare for Transition to Catch Shares Management

Fishermen communicate, cooperate and innovate in the face of major change

A group of West Coast commercial fishing organizations is taking unusual measures to prepare for changes to the West Coast trawl fishery. First they held a workshop in Santa Rosa, CA, that was attended by more than half of the West Coast trawl fleet, and now they're posting educational online videos to reach the other half.

To inform participants in the groundfish trawl industry as well as interested members of the public and the media, the West Coast Trawlers' Network is making available videos of trawl fishermen and other industry and policy experts delivering candid, real-world information on the changes coming to the West Coast in January, 2011. The videos present an unusual opportunity to hear from a broad range of experts addressing catch share management of the trawl fishery - a timely topic that affects nearly every West Coast fishing community.

The experts hail from widely diverse backgrounds, but every one of them is committed to building a strong and sustainable trawl fishery.

Developing a Plan Under Catch Shares
Rules of the Road: Regulatory Requirements Under the Catch Share System - A Practical Discussion of What Will Be Expected of Fishermen
Managing Risks Associated with Constraining Species and Modifying Fishing Behavior
Approaches for Maximizing Opportunity: Gear Modification, Handling Techniques, and Behavior Changes
Approaches for Maximizing Opportunity - Mapping and Hotspot Management
Managing Your Quota Portfolio: Trading, Tracking and Financing
Strategies for Minimizing Observer and Other Costs
Growing the Pie - Strategies for Improving Revenue

The links above lead to individual videos - this one will take you to the home page where you can browse among them: .

DVDs of the educational videos will also be mailed to West Coast permit holders and vessel owners in November.

The West Coast Trawlers' Network is an informal association comprised of the Fisherman's Marketing Association , Midwater Trawler's Cooperative, Oregon Trawl Commission , Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative and United Catcher Boats .

Contact information for all participating experts is available at the website or by calling Scott Coughlin, at (206) 228-4141.

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