Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Pride Seafoods Wins Awards at Alaska Symphony of Seafood 2011

American Pride Seafoods is proud to once again be recognized as a top quality supplier of Alaskan Seafood at the 2011 Symphony of Seafood. The company’s Potato Crusted Cod received the Silver medal in the foodservice category – moist and flaky white cod with real potato in a crunchy crust. New Blackened Seafood by American Pride Seafoods also took the Bronze medal in the foodservice category with its premium white fish and authentic blend of spices delivering a traditional eating experience that American Pride says is easy to prepare.

These products join the ranks of past American Pride Seafoods winners including last year’s Silver and Bronze award winners in Foodservice – Zesty Lemon Flounder and Kickin’ Buffalo Panko Sliders.

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