Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Young Fishermen's Dinner/Bar Crawl

Last year's Pacific Marine Expo saw a successful first annual Young Fishermen’s Dinner/Bar Crawl, with more than 20 young fishermen congregating for dinner and discussion. The group was limited to fishermen 35 years old and younger, and included longliners, seiners, set and driftnetters and seiners.

Back by popular demand, the Second Annual Young Fishermen’s Dinner/Bar Crawl will be hosted in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle on Thursday, November 29th at 7:00pm.

The festivities will kick off at the venerable Hattie’s Hat at 7:00pm, with dinner and drinks. The group's second stop will be the Smoke Shop around 9:00 pm. The event's organizers call the Smoke Shop the most iconic fishermen’s bar left in Ballard. The group's third stop will be Lock & Keel at around 11:00pm.

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay, a coalition of fishermen working to protect the Bay, is kicking off this year’s crawl and buying the first round of drinks!

What: 2nd Annual Young Fishermen’s Dinner & Bar Crawl
Where: Ballard: Hatties Hat, Smoke Shop, Lock & Keel
When: Thursday, November 29th. Dinner and drinks start at 7pm. Remember, first round is covered!
Who: Young fishermen, 35(ish) and younger who have a stake in the industry
Why: Because last year was AWESOME!

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