Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kodiak Tanner Crab Gifts Support Small Boat Fleet

Just in time for the holidays, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is once again offering residents of the Anchorage area, Homer and Kodiak its “Catch of the Season” Kodiak tanner crab gift packages. Customers can pre-purchase boxes of the crab and pick them up after the crab has been "sustainably harvested" by local fishermen.

AMCC is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the health of Alaska’s fisheries on behalf of fish harvesters and coastal residents who rely on them. This is the third year AMCC has carried out the Kodiak tanner crab program, and the first year Homer will be included in the list of locations for pickup of crab boxes. All proceeds from the program benefit AMCC’s efforts in Kodiak and participating fishermen get a higher price for their catch than they otherwise would.

Theresa Peterson, Kodiak outreach coordinator for AMCC, said the tanner crab fishery is extremely important to the diverse fishing portfolio of Kodiak’s small boat fishermen. AMCC has worked closely with Kodiak fishermen for nearly a decade on protection of local tanner crab stocks.

Peterson herself is an active harvester whose family depends on access to fisheries for crab, salmon, cod and halibut to make a living.

The program offers 10 and 25 pound boxes of tanner crab, which include a “story of your catch” guide to share with family and friends, telling the who, what, when, where and how of the catch, along with what AMCC is doing to protect the fishery for generations to come. More information is online at

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