Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brazil Begins Importing Alaska Seafood

Wild Alaska salmon, cod and pollock are in the spotlight this week at SIAL Brazil, a major food and beverage trade show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The promoter at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s booth at SIAL Brazil is Noronha Pescados of Recife, which is targeting middle class and upper middle class shoppers in retail markets. The company plans in-store demonstrations, and recipes will be included with the packages of filleted fish. The big seafood competition in this beef-eating nation, according to ASMI, is Atlantic cod and Chilean salmon.

The company will also benefit from ASMI’s generic promotional efforts in the market, including trade shows, advertisements and recipes in food magazines, Sao Paulo Restaurant week, and more, ASMI officials said.

“The market for Alaska seafood in Brazil is showing rapid growth,” said Michael Cerne, executive director of the state’s seafood marketing entity.

ASMI opened an office in Brazil in the fall of 2011 and conducted trade missions there in March and December of 2012. ASMI’s market research indicates exports from Alaska to Brazil doubled last year and that the trend should continue.

ASMI officials said that Noronha Pescados will be importing the frozen headed and gutted salmon, cod and pollock for further processing, to be sold directly to Walmart, Pao de Acucar, Cencosud and other retail stores in Brazil.

In prior years, Alaska cod destined for Brazil was first exported to Portugal and Norway, where it was reprocessed as high value bacalhau- dried, salted cod. Under the new agreement with Noronha Pescados, Alaska will retain full traceability and final product quality control.

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