Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bristol Bay Reds are a menu item at Monterey Bay Aquarium Festivities

Some 400 guests at a Meet the Chefs Reception on May 15th at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s annual Cooking for Solutions event will be sampling Bristol Bay sockeye salmon in appetizers prepared by Chef Jeff Rogers of the aquarium’s culinary team. And on the following day, the San Francisco-based sustainable sushi restaurant, Tataki, will offer over 2,800 guests at the Cooking for Solutions Gala a special “CanapĂ© for Bristol Bay.

The three-day long event brings together hundreds of chefs, food producers, media and other food leaders from around the country to discuss and celebrate the latest challenges and successes in the sustainable seafood movement.

There will also be an online auction to benefit the aquarium’s seafood watch program. Bids are being accepted through May 27.

Major gatherings will include a gourmet gala with dishes prepared by celebrity chefs and 90 outstanding restaurants, organic and sustainable wines from 60 West Cost wineries and craft beer from 11 breweries.

The world famous Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery supplies nearly half of the world’s red salmon supply. This summer the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is forecasting a run return of over 26 million reds.

Sue Aspelund, executive director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, which represents some 1,850 commercial salmon driftnet fishermen, said the fishermen they represent are honored to be featured at this year’s celebration of sustainable seafood.

“We take great pride in our sockeye salmon and look forward to sharing both our product and our story at this year’s event,” Aspelund said.

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