Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wild Salmon Harvest for Alaska Tops 82 Million Fish

Our Wednesday, July 23 Fishermen's News Online contained errors in data that have since been corrected on the website. The numbers to follow are accurate as of today.

Commercial harvests of Alaska salmon in the 2014 fishery grew to over 82 million fish by July 29, including a preliminary total of nearly 40 million sockeyes, 34 million humpies, 6.7 million chum, more than a million silver and 392,000 Chinooks.

The bulk of the harvest has been in Bristol Bay, and Prince William Sound, with harvests approaching 30 million salmon in each area.

Bristol Bay harvesters alone have delivered to processors a total of 28,702,000 red, 456,000 pink, 434,000 chum, 31,000 coho and 13,000 kings.

In Prince William Sound, fish deliveries to processors reached a total of 25,173,000 pink, 3,258,000 sockeye, 1,116,000 chum, 10,000 king and 9,000 silver salmon.

For the westward region, including the Alaska Peninsula, and Kodiak, the harvest had reached nearly 9 million fish.

Processors for the Alaska Peninsula have received 4.2 million salmon, including 2.9 million red, 534,000 chum, 487,000 pink, 261,000 coho and 8,000 kings.

At Kodiak harvesters have brought in 4.7 million fish. That preliminary total includes 2,336,000 pink, 2,088,000 sockeyes, 242,000 chum, 59,000 silvers and 5,000 king salmon.

For all areas of Southeast Alaska, the total preliminary catch estimate was 8.5 million fish, including 3.7 million pink, 3.4 million chum, 618,000 silver, 430,000 sockeye and 350,000 king salmon.

For the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim region of western Alaska, the harvest to date is 1.1 million fish, including 805,000 chum, 230,000 pink, 76,000 red, 10,000 silver and some 3,000 king salmon. The bulk of the A-Y-K harvest came from the lower Yukon River, where small boat fishermen have brought in 461,000 chum and 55,000 pink salmon.

Data compiled by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shows that for the entire 2013 season, fish harvesters delivered a total of 272,630,000 salmon, including a record 219,160,000 pink, 29,257,000 red, 18,578,000 chum, 5,353,000 coho and 281,000 king salmon.

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