Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ComFish 2015 Offers Federal and State Updates, Filleting and Films

Representatives of state and federal fisheries agencies, research and environmental entities are on tap for presentations April 2-4 during ComFish 2015, Kodiak Island’s annual fisheries forum and trade show.

This year’s presenters include Denby Lloyd, executive director of the North Pacific Research Board, speaking about research to better understand the ecosystems of the North Pacific, Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean; and Alaska Commissioner of Fish and Game Sam Cotten, with an update on federal fisheries issues.

ComFish forum topics will run the gamut from how to survive man overboard situations and new vessel safety compliance programs to updates on NOAA Fisheries’ commercial crab management and research programs.

Ted Teske, with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health will lead the discussion on the importance of using Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices. Alex Perry of the North Pacific Groundfish and Halibut Observer Program and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center will offer advice on how to log fishing trips into the Observer Declare and Deploy Systems (ODDS) for the partial coverage observer program.

Several environmental groups are sponsoring Fish Taco Night, featuring Kodiak Jig Seafoods cod fish tacos on the second evening of ComFish.

Representatives of Kodiak’s seven shoreside processors will compete on the final day of ComFish in a lively outdoor fish filleting and trimming contest, during which they will be judged on speed, form and quality of their filleting. Also featured on the final day will be two films showcasing Bristol Bay fisheries: “A Legacy Story-Protecting the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay from Offshore Oil and Gas Development,” and “In the Same Boat, a documentary about promoting Bristol Bay as a standard for fisheries around the world.

A complete ComFish schedule and a list of trade show participants is online at

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