Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Craig, Hull Reappointed, Mezirow Named to NPFMC

Incumbents Craig Cross, of Seattle, and Dan Hull, of Anchorage, have been reappointed and professional saltwater fishing captain Andy Mezirow, of Seward, Alaska, has been appointed to three-year terms on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Cross fills one of two Washington state obligatory positions on the council. He is the director of government affairs and business development for Aleutian spray Fisheries Inc. a Seattle-based fishing company that operates fishing vessels that harvest Alaska pollock, Pacific cod, Alaska crab and West Coast groundfish.

Cross also serves on the boards of directors for Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, At Sea Processors Association, Freezer Longliners Coalition and United Catcher Boats.

Hull, the current chairman of the federal council, was reappointed to the seat for a small boat commercial fisherman. A veteran harvesters and vessel owner, Hull fishes out of Cordova for salmon and halibut.

Mezirow, the owner of Crackerjack Charters in Seward, Alaska, is a professional saltwater fishing captain, has served on the council’s advisory panel, and is a maritime studies instructor at the Alaska Maritime Training Center. He has also served as chief navigational officer of the United Nations Oceanographic Laboratory System research vessel Alpha Helix for the University of Alaska Institute of Marine Science, and as a research vessel master for Alliant Techsystems/Honeywell Ocean systems in the Greater Seattle area.

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