Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Festival in Homer, Alaska will Celebrate Halibut

Educating people about the science and value of Homer, Alaska’s halibut resource is key to the first Homer Halibut Festival, set for Sept. 19-20 on the Kenai Peninsula.

The Alaska Marine Conservation Council is partnering with several other organizations and individuals in Homer for the event, which is being promoted as an opportunity to learn more about Homer’s iconic halibut resource.

Attendees will find opportunities to learn about halibut science and fisheries, enjoy a community meal with friends, and, through music, story telling and art honor the fish and fishing traditions that have enriched this community at the end of the road.

Educational panels at the Islands and Oceans Visitor Center will be held on the morning of Sept. 19, followed by the community fish fry and a demonstration on filleting a halibut.

Fishery poem readings and a buoy auction will be held that evening.

For Sept. 20, the agenda includes seafood cooking demonstrations, fishing photography, survival suit races, tours of commercial fishing boats and marine businesses, and more.

AMCC is looking for people and businesses to get involved as sponsors, hosts of activities, and operating trade booths for the two-day event. The contact for event updates and more information is Hannah Heimbuch, 1-907-299-4018, or email her at

AMCC, founded in 1994, is a community-based non-profit organization whose goal is protecting the long-term health of Alaska’s marine ecosystems and sustaining the working waterfronts of Alaska’s coastal communities.

Its membership includes fish harvesters, marine scientists, business owners, conservationists, families and others concerned about Alaska’s oceans.

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