Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SeaShare Marks Hunger Action Month

SeaShare, the Seattle based non-profit that provides seafood to food banks nationwide, is celebrating Hunger Action Month in September with delivery of more than 142,000 servings of seafood to the San Francisco Food Bank.

SeaShare expects to generate more than one million servings for food banks in September and October, a huge project with more than 25 partners donating in full or discounting their product and/or services.

Since the nonprofit was founded in 1994, SeaShare has grown its donations far beyond its original bycatch program. Today 90 percent of its seafood is first run, marketable product, donated by fishermen and processors around the country, and more than 200 million seafood servings have been distributed.

SeaShare’s Mary Harmon announced in late August that the non-profit had received a donation of 450,000 portions of oven ready lightly breaded pollock and hake from the At-Sea Processors Association.

APA members have donated pollock and hake annually to SeaShare for many years.
SeaShare receives the fish and sends it for processing to Trident Seafoods on the West Coast and Highliner Foods on the East Coast.

Both processors donate breading and packaging and deeply discount their processing time to SeaShare.

For the most recent project concluded in June, Harmon said Seashare thanked Glacier Fish, Arctic Fjord, Arctic Storm and Coastal villages.

“We still have a few more donations to receive from APA members this year so we anticipate getting even more of this tasty product out to food banks across the country before year end,” Harmon said.

More information about SeaShare is online at

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