Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NPFMC Meeting Underway in Juneau

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s June meeting is underway in Juneau, Alaska today, June 7, with final action scheduled on several matters including halibut issues.

For the complete agenda and schedule, log on to and click on the highlighted “agenda” and “schedule” under the June meeting. Documents for the meeting are being posted to the agenda as they become available. Approved motions will be posted online following the session.

Follow the live broadcast at

The council and the International Pacific Halibut Commission are meeting jointly today as well, at Centennial Hall Convention Center in Juneau, Alaska. The council is to review the analysis and take final action as necessary to allow for Community Development Quota group 4B, 4C and 4D to lease halibut individual fishing quota in years with low halibut catch limits in Area 4B and 4CDE. Council staff said the purpose of such action is to keep CDQ residents fishing in years where the halibut CDQ may not be large enough to present a viable fishery for participants.

Under the proposed action, any leased halibut IFQ would be available for use by the halibut CDQ fleet on vessels less than or equal to 51 feet length overall, subject to the group’s internal halibut management. The meeting agenda is posted online at

Five of the six Alaska’s Community Development Quota groups have issued an invitation for an Alaska seafood dinner scheduled for tomorrow, June 8, to honor the council and celebrate the bounty of the ocean.

Hosts includes the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association, the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp., Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association, Norton Sound Economic Development Corp., and the Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association. The sixth CDQ group, Coastal Village Region Fund, is not participating.

The menu includes Norton Sound red king crab, Bering Sea halibut, Copper River sockeye salmon, Yukon River smoked chum salmon, Southeast Alaska black cod, sidestripe shrimp and oysters.

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