Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ocean Beauty is Ready to Process in 2020

Ocean Beauty Seafoods is telling its fleet they are ready to process the wild salmon their fishermen harvest in the upcoming Alaska fisheries, with top priority being the safety of their communities, employees, fishermen, customers and fish.

“We have been in business since 1910 and have never missed a salmon season in time of war, pandemic or for any other reason,” the company said in a recent letter to its harvesters.

“The salmon business is our core business and is in our DNA. We are purchasing supplies as usual and will be processing salmon this season if it is humanly possible.”

Ocean Beauty officials noted that they are currently operating at high capacity at their Kodiak facility on bottom fish and have so far been able to address any concerns as they have arisen.

Ocean Beauty, like other processors participating in the annual wild salmon fisheries in Alaska, has engaged in some special planning this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Steps taken to date include creation of a virus working group with representatives from sales, distribution, Alaska operations, quality assurance and information technology. They have formulated and implemented a travel policy to reduce exposure, implemented a post travel self-quarantine and also developed an enhanced sanitation program.

Ocean Beauty officials said they are also expanding their recruitment efforts, both domestic and international, in an effort to combat a possible increase in numbers of workers who do not wish or are unable to travel to Alaska this year.

Copies of the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for staying safe during the pandemic are being distributed to all their employees and customers. They have also communicated with customers to ensure that they understand Ocean Beauty is working to guarantee as best they can that they will provide an uninterrupted flow of product to them.

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