Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Application Period Opens for Proposals for NFWF Fishing for Energy Program

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is seeking proposals by March 30 for projects to host cost-free recycling and/or energy conversion gear disposal opportunities for fishing communities. This year the Fishing for Energy program is also seeking projects to build capacity and logistics development to prepare communities to host bins for gear collection in the future including exploring opportunities for gear recycling, upcycling or other alternative disposal options.

By helping to prevent and remove derelict gear, the program restores the quality of marine and coastal habitat, supporting communities that rely on these resources.

Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations, state or territorial government agencies, local governments, municipal governments, tribal governments and organizations, educational institutions, or ports.

This year program managers will give priority to projects that maintain an existing port, establish a new port opportunity, or host an event for the fishing community to dispose of old, derelict or unusable fishing gear. Priority will also be given to projects to develop capacity for comprehensive logistics for port communities interested in implementing a long-term bin program for the future.

The full request for proposals is online at All application materials must be submitted online through NFWF’s Easygrants system, with registration available at or call the Easygrants Helpdesk at 202-595-2497.

The program is a partnership between NFWF, the NOAA Marine Debris Program, Convanta, a world leader in sustainable waste and energy solutions; and Schnitzer Steel Industries, one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of recycled metal products in North America.

Over the past decade, Fishing for Energy has worked directly with 59 domestic fishing communities in 14 states to provide a no cost solution for harvester to dispose of old, derelict or unusable fishing gear and to reduce the amount of derelict fishing gear in and around coastal waterways.

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