Wednesday, April 28, 2021

GAPP Seeks Collaborators for New Partnership Program

Proposals are due by July 20th for the next round of the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) Partnership Program funding in North America and Europe.

Participation is open to any organization in any country with a desire to build awareness and demand for Wild Alaska Pollock in North America and Europe, said GAPP Chief Executive Officer Craig Morris. GAPP’s goal is to spread the word about the versatility of Alaska Pollock, with a focus on bringing the fish into new markets, and new formats or associating it with new influencers and/or recipes. All product inputs will be considered, including fillets, surimi, roe, fishmeal and oil.

Proposal applications are available online at the association’s website,

GAPP, which is dedicated to the marketing of once-frozen Pollock products harvested and processed in Alaska, will also host an informational webinar on May 25 to answer questions from applicants prior to proposal submissions. Registration for the webinar is required and may also be completed at the association’s website.

Last year, GAPP’s board of directors approved over $2 million in funds for Partnerships in North America and Europe. To date GAPP has committed over $5 million to projects aimed at placing Wild Alaska Pollock into new forms channels or associated with influencers.

This year, final funding selections are scheduled to be announced no later than early September.

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