Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Dutch Harbor State Sub-District P-Cod Fishery GHL is 17.8 Million Pounds

Commercial fisheries officials at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Dutch Harbor office have issued a 2014 Dutch Harbor sub-district state-waters Pacific cod guideline harvest level of 17,863,874 pounds.

The Dutch Harbor sub-district will open seven days after closure of the initial Pacific cod season for the federal Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands hook-and-line and pot catcher vessel less than 60 feet in overall length sector. A subsequent news release will announce the opening of the sub-district state waters Pacific cod season, area management biologists said.

Vessels participating in this sub-district fishery may not exceed 58 feet in overall length and must be using pot gear. Vessels may not operate more than 60 pots and buoy identification tags are required. Buoy tags will be available for purchase at $2 per tag at Alaska Department of Fish and Game offices in Dutch Harbor and Kodiak, or may be obtained through local processors.

Steller sea lion protection measures will be in effect during the fishery.

Vessel operators must have a Dutch Harbor sub-district state waters Pacific cod vessel registration prior to participating in the fishery, and a vessel may not register in more than one state-waters Pacific cod exclusive registration area during a calendar year. However, state fisheries officials said, a vessel may register for one state waters Pacific cod exclusive registration area and a non-exclusive state waters Pacific cod registration area. A separate registration is required to participate in the parallel Pacific cod fishery.

For further information, contact ADF&G at Dutch Harbor at 1-907-581-1239.

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