Wednesday, March 21, 2018

ComFish 2018 Comes to Kodiak March 22–24

ComFish 2018, which this year focuses mainly on the impact of climate change on Alaska’s fisheries, will open this week in Kodiak, Alaska. The trade show that runs concurrently with the conference will feature many industry related new products and novel ideas.

ComFish discussions will open on Thursday, March 22, with a seafood market update from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and the McDowell Group, followed by a state issues update from Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, and discussions on the impact of global warming from scientists with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. The afternoon discussion will focus on the impact of “The Blob” and will address its impact on the Pacific cod fishery, which is leading to an 80 percent reduction in the allowable catch for 2018, as well as discussion on recent actions of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

A preview of Exercise Northern Edge 2019 from officers with the US Pacific Fleet is on tap for March 23. An update on Alaska’s fish habitat permitting law, a review of fatalities on commercial fishing vessels, new technology to measure halibut bycatch are among the other topics on the agenda.

An array of seafood harvested by Kodiak fisheries will be on display on the morning of March 24, at a processor recognition and fish exhibit outdoor event at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center.

Then comes the Fishermen’s Showcase, a lively competition where Kodiak harvesters vie for the title of most able fisherman by completing five skills, while the crowd cheers them on.

Preliminary results of NOAA ‘s winter 2018 acoustic surveys on Pollock and an introduction to new survey tools wind up the gathering.

The complete schedule of presenters, and trade show participants, is available online at

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