Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hardware Bundle Will Aid Reporting of Fisheries Harvests

Makers of a new tablet designed to expedite reporting requirements on harvests and purchases for the commercial fisheries industry say this bundle is compatible with most state reporting software.

The Seaside Seal Pack is built to withstand the harshest work environments and when paired with the provide accessories, will help harvesters and processors get the job done in any environment, according to Christian Bak, cofounder and vice president of product at Bak USA, in Buffalo, N.Y.

The pack includes Bak USA’s rugged 1.7 pound, nine by six-inch drop-resistant, weatherproof Seal tablet, equipped with a built-in flashlight, a Quad-Core Intel processor and Windows 10 operating software.

Also included is a wireless mobile printer with rechargeable batteries and backup ink cartridges, a magnetic card reader equipped with a six-inch USB-C cable and a six-foot USB-A cable to capture fishery permit information electronically in real time.

Flash drive accessories help store, save and report data and information offline on days or weeks out at sea when Internet isn’t available.

A spokeswoman for Bak USA said the idea for the Seaside Seal Pack was inspired by an inquiry from Gail Smith, a NOAA Fisheries electronics landing program coordinator, who came to a Microsoft store in Seattle, Wash., looking for an electronic device to help harvesters and onshore processors meet reporting requirements.

Microsoft already sold the tablet and Bak USA worked with Smith to put together the bundle. More information is online at

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