Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Upper Cook Inlet Finfish Meeting Opens Feb. 7 in Anchorage

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will convene its Upper Cook Inlet finfish meeting in Anchorage, Alaska on Friday. The Feb. 7–19 meeting will consider 171 proposals including several to amend existing salmon management plans.

The proposals range from creating a commercial dip net fishery in the Kasilof River to closing the Central District drift gillnet fishery corridor to commercial fishing for northbound fish headed for the Susitna River system. A proposal from the Matanuska Valley Fish and Game Advisory Committee would amend the Central District Drift Gillnet Fishery Management Plan to allocate 60 to 80 percent of northbound sockeye and coho salmon harvests to Northern Cook Inlet fisheries. A proposal from the Central Peninsula Fish and Game Advisory Committee would amend that same management plan to remove a provision to minimize the commercial harvest of Northern District and Kenai River coho salmon and add a provision for reasonable opportunity for a common property fish harvest.

The Kenai River Sportfishing Association has a proposal that urges limiting Central District drift gillnets to less than 150 to 200 fathoms in length and 29 meshes in depth, to limit the risk of overharvest of specific salmon stocks, particularly during periods of low abundance.

United Cook Inlet Drift Association’s proposal would add an additional regular fishing period to the Central District drift gillnet fishery from July 24 through July 31 to allow for the catch of harvestable surpluses of chum and pink salmon during that period.

There are also numerous proposals to be considered for the sport and subsistence sectors.

The agenda and a complete list of proposals are available online at,fixed,,8,,9,,11,,12,

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